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    Regional Conflicts (South Ossetia, Abkhazia)
    in Documents. Prehistory and Present
    1917 - 2011
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"Regional Conflicts in Georgia (Autonomous Oblast of South Ossetia, Autonomous SSR of Abkhazia 1989-2008) Collection of Political-Legal Acts", in English, the second updated edition,Tbilisi, 2008, 665 pp.(at the moment an electronic version of the book is updated with new documents and spreads over 2011)


Author:Tamaz Diasamidze

Translater and editor: Nana Tchkoidze-Japaridze

Computer work provider: Ruslan Surmanidze, Koba Bedoidze

Jacket designers: Malkhaz Varshanidze, Mamuka Gongadze

The Regionalism Research Centre owes a special thanks to the OSCE Mission to Georgia for making possible to publish this Collection.

The author of this collection is immensely grateful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, the Office of the State Ministry of Georgia for Reintegration, the National Library of Georgia, the Archive of the Parliament of Georgia, the Central State Archive of the Recent History of Georgia, the OSCE Mission to Georgia, the Office of Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Georgia, the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia (in exile), the State Library of the Russian Federation, the Scientific Library of the Republic of North Ossetia and the Institute of the Georgian-Abkhazian Relation for rendering support in the course of preparation of this collection.

The author extends his gratitude to the USA Embassy to Georgia, "Open Society - Georgia Foundation" and the Delegation of European Commission to Georgia and Armenia for the contribution they made in publication of the first edition of the collection, which became composing part of the present (second, updated) edition.

The Collection has been prepared and published by the Regionalism Research Centre

All rights reserved

We will be very grateful to any comments or proposals regarding the Collection



Printing House GSC "Pirveli Stamba" Printed in Tbilisi, Georgia

ISBN 978-9941-0-1044-6

Tbilisi december 2008

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