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    Regional Conflicts (South Ossetia, Abkhazia)
    in Documents. Prehistory and Present
    1917 - 2011
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"Regional Conflicts in Georgia – Autonomous Oblast of South Ossetia, Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia (1989-2005). Collection of Political-Legal Acts",in Russian, the second, updated edition.Tbilisi, 2005, 536 pp. (at the moment an electronic version of the book is updated with new documents and spreads over 2011)


The collection prepared within the framework of research of regional conflicts of Georgia, is the second enriched edition of the collections with the same titles edited by us in the Georgian - Russian language in 2002 year. It also represents an essential part of the collections with the same titles - "Legal Status of Autonomous Regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia within Georgia (1917-1988) collection of political -Legal Acts" edited in the Georgian -Russian language in 2004 year.

The collection includes the most important political-legal acts and documents, reflecting development of the conflicts in the autonomous regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in 1989-2011 as well as activities directed at finding solutions to these conflicts. These documents are:

1. Acts issued by the power organs of autonomous regions, aimed at regionalization, political decentralization, disjoin from the state with the aim of further strengthening of the sovereignty of these regions:

2. Acts issued by the Georgian authorities and governmental (state power) bodies aimed at strengthening of the state sovereignty of these regions;

3. Decisions and resolutions made by neighboring states (the USSR, RSFSR, Russian Federation) and international and regional organizations (UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, European Union, CSI, NATO);

4. Bilateral and Multilateral agreements related to the regulation of the conflicts;

5. Other important documents related to the stated problems.

Many documents presented in the collection have been discussed in details. Attention was paid to those articles, chapters and paragraphs that most clearly reflect the main objective of the collection and the essence of the documents themselves.

The collection, having no ambition to be comprehensive, is a kind of guide for a better orientation in the conflicts' world. It intends to make the political and legal knowledge and information about 22 years conflict accessible to the society and to show the genesis in the regions on papers: political confrontation, starting conflicts and their development in armed conflicts, their further peaceful settlement, results and future.

The main objective of the collection is an attempt to view the problem as one whole and give a comprehensive assistance to the sides involved into conflict, as well as other interested groups in making proper decisions to solve the problem.

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