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    Regional Conflicts (South Ossetia, Abkhazia)
    in Documents. Prehistory and Present
    1917 - 2011
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"Regional Conflicts in Georgia – Autonomous Oblast of South Ossetia, Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia (1989-2001). Collection of Political-Legal Acts". In Georgian-Russian Languages, Tbilisi, 2002, 430 p. (See right here, on the website, its updating editions in English, Russian and Georgian languages)


The collection covers the important political-legal acts and documents reflecting the conflicts in the autonomous republic of Abkhazia and autonomous region of South Ossetia in 1989-2001. More specifically, these are:

1. Acts of power bodies of autonomous regions directed towards regionalization, political decentralization, disjoin from the state and the further sovereighnization of the regions;

2. Acts of Georgian Authorities and Governmental (state power) bodies directed towards defence and strengthening of territorial integrity and state sovereignty;

3. Decisions made by neighboring states (SSSR, Russian Federation) and international

organizations (UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, European Union, CIS) regarding the conflicts;

4. Bilateral and multilateral treaties concerning the peaceful resolution of conflicts;

5. The other important documents also connected with these problems.

With the purpose to thoroughly demonstrate the material, many documents in the collection are given in short, in form of abstracts - with the positions (chapters, articles, paragraphs) which precisely correspond to the aim of the collection and the gust of the document itself.

The purpose of the publication is to make broad political-legal information (knowledge) reflecting the regional conflicts in Georgia available for a broad range of society; also to show documentary the genesis of conflicts in these regions what was the cause of political opposition conflict, how it started and how it was escalated into an armed conflict and how was developed the process of their further peaceful resolution, what are its results and future.

Georgian-Russian collection, which doesn't claim any pretense for being thorough and perfect, together with analogous works on conflicts is regarded as a guide-book for the public interested in this problem. The collection also intends to help the parties directly involved in the conflict to deeply analyze the problem as much as possible, to realize their own share of responsibility and to make proper decisions to solve the problem.

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