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    Regional Conflicts (South Ossetia, Abkhazia)
    in Documents. Prehistory and Present
    1917 - 2011
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სს "საქართველოს თვალი"
IA "Sakartvelos Tvali"
ИА "Сакартвелос Твали"


      The Legal Acts of other (Power) Organs
The Joint Government of the South-East Union of the Cossack’s Troops, Mountain People of the Caucasus and the Free Steppe Peoples
The Government of the Union of North Cau­Casus Mountain Peoples and Daghestan
Confederative Union of the Caucasus Mountain Peoples
The Congress of Sochi Okrug Citizens
The Caucasus Bureau. The Presidium RKP(B) CK of the Caucasus Bureau
The RKP (B) Orgbureau of Abkhazia
The Central Committee of the Communist Party. The Prezidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party
The Abkhazian Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Georgia
The South Ossetian Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Georgia
The Congress of the Ossetian People
The Public Movement Adamon Nikhas

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