Dear Presidium Members of the Supreme Soviet of the Abkhazian ASSR!

Today we all have reached a historical milestone where each politician, each citizen who feels the responsibility for the destiny of his own people, his own state, should make a choice either for using his own professional knowledge, life experience and authority to normalize the existing situation in the republic, to overcome the confrontation that disorganizes all spheres of our society’s life, or for supporting irresponsible actions of destructive forces that largely fight for power, taking little care about true interests of the multiethnic population of Georgia.

In the today’s incredibly complicated political situation in the Republic, elections to the Supreme Soviet of the Abkhazian ASSR became a significant event. The elections demonstrated that good will of peoples can wake up minds, and help find optimum solutions showing a way towards overcoming discord and distrust, finding options for bringing closer different views for the future of our peoples, for their living together in peace.

In the same time, information that came from Abkhazia testifies that civil rights of the majority of the Autonomous Republic’s residents are again trodden under foot, and discriminated, primarily in the political sphere; the laws and constitution of the Republic of Georgia, also the Constitution of the Abkhazian ASSR are denied. These processes provoke grave concerns as they contradict the core interests of our peoples, interfere with achieving vital objectives that would help restore mutual understanding and rehabilitate normal functioning of the integrated economic system of our State. Unfortunately, some resolutions of the ASSR Supreme Soviet Presidium also contradict the objectives of stabilizing the situation, which results from unauthorized mixing of functions of the legislative and executive powers. Dangerous denial of legislative norms in the activity of the central election commission during the elections to the ASSR Supreme Soviet is particularly alarming, and might entail serious confrontation.

At this crucial moment, I believe it is necessary to persistently call members of the ASSR Supreme Soviet Presidium to use all their powers to support first attempts to stabilize the situation in the Autonomous Republic, to prevent different public forces from making unreasonable steps that could bring far-reaching consequences, to make a sound assessment of the political and legal realities with a view of ensuring peace and prosperity in the Republic of Georgia, in particular, in Abkhazia.

I remind you the previously expressed idea that future legitimate elections to the parliament of the Autonomous Republic would be a critical precondition for addressing the issue of giving effect to the rights of autonomy in the new situation.

I call to civil accord and collaboration all those who are guided by the feeling of reality and responsibility, who are ready to ally and work for the prosperity of our common home, our Republic, for addressing issues and problems fairly, not infringing upon legitimate rights and interests of citizens of the Republic of Georgia.

The future generation would not forgive us if we failed to realize that the only way towards normal life was alliance of all sound, constructive forces in the State, their true brotherhood and sincere friendship.

Z. Gamsakhurdia

President of the Republic of Georgia 

Tbilisi, 24 October 1991

(Bulletin of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia, 1991, # 10. p. 69-70)