APPEAL of the Military Council of the Republic of Georgia to the People of Georgia

The government that was usurped by President Gamsakhurdia on January 2, 1992 has been overthrown. The Military Council of the Republic of Georgia takes power into its hands. The Military Council has temporarily suspended the action of the Constitution on the territory of Georgia and dissolved the Parliament.

All government bodies of Georgia have been placed under the authority of the Military Council.

Prime Minister Besarion Gugushvili has been ousted from office.

Mr. Tengiz Sigua has been appointed Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Georgia.

Political parties have been offered to establish an advisory board that will organize new parliamentary elections and elaborate a program of political development of Georgia.

All political parties and organizations operating in Georgia, representatives of national minorities and private persons whose participation will be considered advisable by the advisory board are eligible for participation in this body.

The state of emergency will enter into force in Tbilisi starting from 24 hours of January 3, 1992.

The Military Council places law-enforcement agencies and administrative bodies under its authority and charges them with taking measures to establish peace and stabilize the situation on the territory of Georgia during the action of the state of emergency.

The Military Council will abdicate responsibility upon the forming of the Cabinet of Ministers and will transfer authorities to the Government.

On behalf of the Military Council:

Tengiz Kitovani, Jaba Ioseliani

Tbilisi, 2 January, 1992.

(Newspaper “Sakartvelos Respublika”, # 1, January 8, 1992/Translation from Georgian)