Chairman of the Georgian Parliament, Head of the State Eduard Shevardnadze is now on the frontline, in Sukhumi that is razed to the ground by Abkhaz separatists and by hired murderers. The courage and self-sacrifice of the head of the State is known worldwide, yet taking into account the complicated situation in the country, we believe that Mr. Eduard Shevardnadze’s further stay in the city of Sukhumi would be dangerous not only for his own life and personal safety but also for Georgia’s statehood, and that fatal development of events could trigger larger bloodshed and an outbreak of a civil war.

The Parliament of Georgia categorically demands that Mr. Eduard Shevardnadze would immediately return to the capital and would start fulfilling his duty. A new stage of the struggle for Georgia’s independence and territorial integrity starts today.

The Parliament of Georgia.

27 September 1993

(Bulletin of the Parliament of Georgia, ## 9-12, 1993, p. 127)