Pursuant to the decree issued on 14.11.90 by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia on introduction of title “The Republic of Georgia” and introduction of new “coat of arms of the Republic of Georgia, by virtue of the decree issued on 22.10.90 by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia the former “Ministry of People’s Education” was renamed into “the Ministry of Education”.

The aforementioned changes determined the necessity of changing the seals, stamps and signboards of educational establishments.

However, in a number of population aggregates, where there are several educational establishments of the same type (day nurseries, kindergartens, secondary schools etc), proper numeration of these establishments has not been introduced so far. That is why the only means of distinguishing those educational establishments remain in the language of instruction. It should be pointed out thatsubstantial changes have been introduced to the titles of a number of educational institutions recently.

Taking the aforementioned into consideration, I decree:

1. To introduce the new seals, stamps and signboards, in accordance with the attached samples, to all educational establishments.

2. The Ministries of Education of the Abkhaz and Ajara Autonomous Republics, Departments of Education of towns and regions, directorates of secondary and special education, chancelleries of higher education and leadership of other educational establishments shall secure the introduction of the new patterns of seals, stamps and signboards, worked out by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Georgia, no later that the end of November 1991.

Minister E. Javelidze

5 July 1991

(Archive of the Ministry of Education of Georgia)