DECREE # 753 ISSUED BY THE CABINET OF MINISTERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA ON 23 JULY 1992 on Abrogation of Decrees of the Government of Georgia related to Allocation of lands for Airdromes located in the village of Nikozi and for the Infantry Regiment Located in Tskhinvali

The Government of the Republic of Georgia decrees:

1. To endorse a proposal put forward by the State Committee on Land Resources and Land Reforms of the Republic of Georgia and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Georgia on returning back to the State agricultural farm of the village Nikozi 139,45 hectare arable land and 33,35 hectare of arable land to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Georgia  (14,53 hectare in the village of Nikozi and 18,82 in Tskhinvali)  out of total 172,80 hectare arable land transferred to the reserve airdrome, helicopter airdrome and the infantry regiment located in Tskhinvali.

2. Immediately after the adoption of this decree, a decree # 1282 issued by the Government of Georgia on 13 July  1941, the decree # 612 issued on 3 July 1949 and the decree #88-4 issued on 3 February 1976 on transferring to military regiments # 35405 and # 85326 of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR of 172,80 hectare lands, shall be declared null and void and having no legal force.

Acting First Deputy Prime-Minister of the Republic of Georgia O. Kvilitaia

Acting Head of the State Chancellery of the

Cabinet Of Ministers of the Republicof Georgia G. Beridze

23 July 1992

(Decrees Issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Georgia, July 1992, p. 137-138)