DECREE OF THE PRESIDIUM OF THE SUPREME SOVIET OF THE GEORGIAN SSR on introduction the changes on the issues of agriculture management to the laws “on Autonomous Oblast of South Ossetia” and “On District Soviets of People’s Deputies of the Georgian SSR”

…the Supreme Soviet of the Georgian SSR decrees:

1. The Soviet of people’s Deputies of the South Ossetian Autonomous oblast and the District Soviets of People’s Deputies shall have the right to establish the oblast and district councils of agrarian-industrial amalgamate.

2.  The councils of agrarian-industrial amalgamates shall be established at the sessions of the Soviets of People’s Deputies upon recommendation of the respective executive committees or the higher bodies of state administration.

3. With regard of Article 1 and Article 2 of this Decree the changes and additions shall be introduced to the following legal acts of the Georgian SSR:

1) to the law of the Georgian SSR of 12 November 1980 “On the Autonomous Oblast of South Ossetia”…

Section 1 of Article 22, as amended, now reads:

‘1) Directs the Agriculture and other branches of agriculture complex, takes measures for strengthening of its material-technical basis, for increase of production and improvement of the quality, for improving the housing and cultural conditions of the residents of rural settlements’;

Article 22, as added section 11 and 12 now reads:

‘11) creates the oblast council of agrarian-industry amalgamates and changes their composition;

‘12) considers the major indicators of the development plans of enterprises and organizations included in the amalgamates’;

Article 42, as added section 51 now reads:

51) establishment of the Oblast Council of agrarian-industrial amalgamate and changing of its composition.


The Chairman of the Presidium

of the Supreme Soviet of the Georgian SSR P. Gilashvili.

Secretary of the Presidium

of the Supreme Soviet of the Georgian SSR T. Lashkarashvili.

23 June 1982

(Messengers of the Supreme Soviet of the Georgian SSR, N 6, 1982, p. 9-10)