DECREE # 342 ISSUED BY THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA on Regulation of Enrolment in Pre-School Establishment and First Classes of Secondary Schools

The pedagogical science and practice have born it out that education of children in non-native language inflicts immense damage to formation of individuality, causes mental and physical deformation among children and condemns them to being inferior members of society. Nevertheless, due to heavy legacy of the past, there are some incidents when parents, being unaware of elementary requirements of pedagogical science, tend to make wrong decisions - they enroll their children in non-Georgian pre-school establishments and first classes of secondary schools. And all that is happening when huge attention is being paid to restoration and strengthening of State status of Georgian language.

Proceeding from the aforementioned, I decree:

1. To entrust the Ministries of Education of Autonomous Republics, heads of Departments of Education of cities and districts, directors (managers) of non-Georgian pre-school establishments and secondary schools with a task of securing that not a single child of Georgian nationality is enrolled in non-Georgian pre-school establishment and first class of secondary school.

2. To entrust the Department of Education in Secondary Schools with a task of monitoring proper implementation of this decree.

Minister E. Javelidze

31 July 1991

(Archive of the Ministry of Education of Georgia)