DECREE # 622  OF THE PRESIDENT OF GEORGIA on endorsement of transitional regulations on movement of humanitarian assignment ships in the ports of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia

1. To endorse the attached transitional regulations on movement of humanitarian assignment ships in the ports of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.

2. The lower public organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia – State Department of Border Guards (B. Bitsadze) along with the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance (Z. Antelidze) shall provide for the realization of the mentioned regulation.

3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (S. Zurabishvili) shall inform about the endorsed transitional regulations Embassies and Consulates of foreign countries, accredited in Georgia, the International Marine Organization and other respective international organizations.

4. To declare as void decree # 328, of May 19, 1999, of the President of Georgia On Endorsement of Transitional                         Regulations of the Movement of Ships in the Ports of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.

Mikheil Saakashvili

July 22, 2005, Tbilisi.



Transitional regulations on movement of humanitarian assignment ships in the ports of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia


1. Owners of the ships, entering the Ports of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia from abroad, freight forwarder organizations or persons shall send notifications to the foreign representations of the Foreign affairs Ministry of Georgia (to Embassies and Consular Offices) about sending of a ship or cargo. In the notification there should be mentioned the name of the ship, type, other signs, the major type of cargo and assignment, time and place of arrival and departure.

2. Examination of humanitarian assignment ships before entering and leaving the ports of Abkhazia (Border and Customs control) will take place in the determined coordinates of Poti Port’s external raid:


a) Examination of tankers:



421124.0 C.g.

413527.6 a.g.

421200.0 C.g.

413551.0 a.g.

421112.0 C.g.

413752.8 a.g.

421047.4 C.g.

413757.0 a.g.

421036.0 C.g.

413734.8 a.g.


b) Examination of dry cargo:


420856.4 C.g.

413548.0 a.g.

421021.0 C.g.

413548.0 a.g.

420948.0 C.g.

413716.8 a.g.

420856.4 C.g.

413721.0 a.g.


3. Agency companies shall notify the check points about entering of foreign and Georgian navigation ships 72 (seventy two) hours earlier and shall confirm this 48 (forty eight) and 24 (twnety four) hours earlier and notify the officer on duty of the check point not later than 2 (two) hours befroe the ship enters the port (the raid) about the schedule of the ship and the official order on starting the commission. (If the ship, due to technical reasons is not able to present the ship’s schedule, as an exception, it is possible to present this document during the commission).

4. If the time for sea transportation from one point to another is less than 48 or 24 hours, the captain of the ship shall inform the check point of Georgia about its departure from the previous port in 30 minutes from departure.

5. In accordance with the circular AL.2\CIRC.47\Rev. 1.21.10. of the International Marine Organization (IMO) “The Convention of 1965 on Creation of International Facility Conditions”, while registration of the free practice, the captains of ships shall present the following documents:

a) For entering the ports of Georgia:

Ship’s documents for inspection;

General declaration – 1 copy;

Cargo manifest – 3 copies;

Ship’s story list – 3 copies;

Ship’s provision list – 3 copies;

Crew members’ personal effects – 4 copies;

Crew list – 5 copies;

Passenger list – 3 copies;

List of vaccination – 1 copy;

Derate certificate – 1 copy;

Bill of laden – 6 copies.

Cargo plan – 3 copies;

Port clearance from last port – 1 copy;

Arms and ammunition list;

Captain’s declaration – 2 copies.

b) When going to the sea zone from the Ports of Georgia, the captain of a ship shall present the above-mentioned documents, apart from the list of crew members’ personal effects.

6. After the relevant procedures, opening and closure of the border is implemented by the border check-point “Poti”.

7. Bringing of humanitarian cargo to the territory of the of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia shall be possible only on the basis of disposable permits, issued by the competent bodies of Georgia, after realization of the customs examination, carried out by the Customs Department.

(Archive of the President of Georgia)