STATEMENT OF THE STATE COMMISSIONS OF ABKHAZIA AND GEORGIA on Search for those Persons Missing without Missing

Expressing their readiness for close cooperation and aiming at speeding up the process of search for those persons missing without trace from both sides, representatives of the State Commissions of Abkhazia and Georgia have agreed upon the following:

1. On February 8, 2000 the Parties shall discuss and determine time-table for reburial of the remains of Georgians perished in Babushera.

2. Simultaneously with this process, the Georgian side shall submit the map of burial places of those Abkhazs missing without trace.

3. The Commissions of both parties are concerned due to the situation established around the problem of hostages, and against the background of the situation, continuation of the work of the Commissions is impossible. In this regard, the Commission appeals to the Coordination Council with a request of rendering support in terms of speedy release of the hostages.

4. With regard to the huge problems facing the Parties in identification of remains of those perished, the State Commissions appeal to the Coordination Council, to the group of friends of the UN Secretary General, as well as to the International Committee of Red Cross, to other international humanitarian organizations to render technical assistance. Solution of this extremely difficult issue would contribute to easing the pain and suffering of hundreds of mothers waiting for their sons.

On behalf of the Abkhaz Side Mr. Otar Kakalia

On behalf of the Georgian Side Mr. Avtandil Ioseliani

19 January 2000

(Archive of the Staff of the State Minister of Georgia for Conflict Resolution Issues/in Russian)