The recent tragedy in Gali District one again demonstrated that the Abkhaz separatists still resort the genocide and ethnic cleansing on the territory occupied by them.  This policy, i.e. the crime against mankind, is aimed at forcible changing of historically established demographic reality, expelling of Georgians from the centuries-old integral part of Georgia – Abkhazia, involving of Georgians in a wide-scale war, destructing of Georgia’s statehood and provoking of chaos and anarchy.

It’s widely known and confirmed by the International Organizations, that since 1994 cease-fire and detaching the CIS peace-keeping forces in Abkhazia, the Abkhaz separatists resorted the series of punitive measures in Gali District against the local Georgian population.  More than 1500 people have become the victims of atrocities, more than 1000 houses have been given to arson.  The population had to create the armed groups in order to protect their dignity, life and property from the gangs of separatists.  The group of combatants established in Gali District was the respond to the permanent aggression of separatists.

Since May 20 of the current year about 400 armed separatists have been attacking the Gali District for another punitive purposes but they found strong resistance of defensive groups.  The peaceful population, exasperated with established situation, stand against another attempt of ethnic cleansing and had to protect themselves with guns.  The local residents were backed by guerrilla groups, composed of people driven out from different parts of Abkhazia.

The armed clash resulted in casualties from both sides.  Embittered by the resistance, the separatists detached to Gali District additional armed group composed of 1000 people, as well as heavy weapon and artillery.

The Russian Peace-keeping forces, present in the region under the auspices of the CIS, did nothing to put an end to the military confrontation, moreover, in some cases they were helping separatists to conduct punitive operation against peaceful dwellers.

The conduct of peace-keepers during the 20-26 May events in Gali District, was a gross violation of bilateral and multilateral agreements, total ignorance of Decisions by the Council of CIS Heads of States and of the UN Security Council.

The Parliament of Georgia declares, that together with separatist leaders, also the CIS Peacekeeping Forces, which facilitated massacre of peaceful residents and annihilation of villages, shall be responsible for the tragedy in Gali District.  The Parliament of Georgia pins its hopes on the International organizations that they will give appropriate assessment to this fact, as violation of peacekeeping mission is the subject of worldwide concern.

The parliament of Georgia calls for the UN, OSCE and the States – friends of Georgia, to raise at the nearest session of the UN Security Council the issues on replacing the CIS peacekeeping forces in Georgia with the International Forces.

The Parliament of Georgia puts a special emphasis on selflessness of detachment, composed of dwellers of Gali District and other parts of Abkhazia, whose heroic effort made possible survive thousands of people.  The resistance of combatants of defensive detachments prevented from large-scale victims and destructions.

The Parliament of Georgia expresses to the families its deepest sympathy at the tragic loss and reveres the memory of fallen peaceful citizens.

The Parliament of Georgia calls for all International Organizations to assist the population, expelled from Gali District – women, children and elders, who once again lost their dwellings.

Georgia, as we repeatedly confirmed, still finds the peaceful way, as the only way for conflict settlement and calls for all the sides, involved in the negotiations, to intensify the effort in the peace process.

27 May, 1998, Tbilisi   

(Bulletin of the Parliament of Georgia, Tbilisi, 1997, # # 23-24, 30 June 1998, p. 4)