July 4, 1992,Vladikavkaz

Within the framework of the Agreement on the principles of settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict signed on July 24, 1992 in Sochi, as well as in accordance with the Protocol of the meeting of the parties dated July 3 and July 4, 1992 in Tskhinvali and Vladikavkaz, respectively, the joint commission in the composition of:

T. Kitovani, S. Shoygu, S. Khetagurov, P. Gazzaev, S. Suanov, O. Teziev and G. Filatov reviewed the following issues:

1. On formation of the joint forces for establishment of peace and keeping law and order (LOKF) in the zone of conflict under the JCC.

2. On the establishment of a joint group of observers.

3. On the establishment of a press-center under the JCC.

As a result of discussions, the following decisions were made:

On the first issue:

a) agree with the proposal of S. Shoygu, T. Kitovani and S. Khetagurov about appointment of command of the LOKF, its composition and term of formation (Decision #1);

b) Assign the command to form the LOKF and ensure entry of the LOKF no later than July 10, 1992.

On the second issue:

Agree with the proposal of the workgroup headed by S. Mikhaylov (Decision #2).

The joint group of observers shall start working simultaneously with the entry of the LOKF.

On the third issue:

Agree with the proposal on establishment and organization of the press-center (Decision #3).

T. Kitovani, S. Shoygu, S. Khetagurov.

(Archive of the Staff of the State Minister of Georgia for Conflict Resolution Issues/in Russian)