The Decree of the President of the USSR of 7 January on the certain legal acts adopted in the Republic of Georgia in December 1990 has extremely tensed the situation in Tskhinvali.  Since publication of this Decree the groups of Ossetian terrorists have considerably intensified their activities.

The terrorists encouraged by the Presidential Decree conducted a few attacks to the checkpoints of the Georgian Ministry of Interior.  7 killed and several wounded police officers were reported as a result of that assault. 

The said Decree of the President of the USSR is another indication to the strategy the center is going to pursue for restoring the totalitarian regime.  The policy of dictatorship of the center is especially notable in the republics with the elected authorities, trying to restore the independent states through the democratic parliaments.

Taking advantage from the situation in the Persian Gulf and the proximity of Georgia to that region the Kremlin evidently is preparing the dictatorship in Georgia through the detachment of the Soviet Army units and introduction of the Presidential governance.  Such development is posing the threat to the stability not only in Georgia, but also in the entire Caucasus. 

We assume the responsibility of the situation and declare that non-interference in our domestic affairs is the only way to maintain stability in Georgia.

On behalf of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia I call upon the people of the good-will, the democratic forces of the World to voice their position regarding the new wave of the Kremlin’s dictatorship.

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia Z. Gamsakhurdia

(Newspaper “Zaria Vostoka”, # 7, 15 January 1991)