Tskhinvali Region / South Ossetia

New Realities in the Process of Peace Negotiations

The Note prepared by the Office of the Georgia State Minister for Reintegration

United Control Commission:

- This format is not working. Agreements are not being implemented. First of all this concerns demilitarisation, illegal armed formations and influx of arms and “volunteers” through illegal routes.

- In the 3 vs. 1 format it is hard to talk about any serious progress.

- We have tried to make this format work but obviously it cannot serve the appointed goals.

- Security component may remain. The progress in the peacekeeping operation and cooperation of law enforcement agencies is possible, and here Russian may play important or even leading role.

New Realities:

- Realities in the region have changed considerably.

- Sanakoev’s political movement and the region’s temporary administration is objective reality and must be considered in the process of conflict resolution.

- Sanakoev’s administration is in control of the large part of territory of the former autonomy and both Georgian and Ossetian population – almost half of the whole population of the region – supports him. This factor should be considered.

- The process of conflict resolution should not be monopolized by any side, thus Sanakoev must be included in all activities of political settlement.

New initiatives of Reintegration

- The main focus is on the population of the region, especially on those for whom this conflict has limited perspectives of peaceful life and development.

- Among those the priority is the youth, which has been put into trenches and under propaganda by the Tskhinvali de facto regime. Education programs, in Georgia and in foreign states, will be launched.

- The goal is to provide new opportunities for the residents of the region and to integrate their professional experience. It is also planned to promote the projects aimed at enhancing integration identity of the population of Georgia.

- The work has also started on the projects of professional re-education.

- Particular attention will be given to production of local products, promotion of the local initiatives and local administrations.

OSCE and the European Commission in the Processes of Political Settlement and Reintegration

- OSCE and EU are playing more and more important role in the rehabilitation and economic development of the region.

- At the same time OSCE is becoming the leading moderator.

- It is necessary to include these institutions in the process of final political settlement.

- They can play decisive role in restoration of trust, political settlement, socio-economical rehabilitation, as well as settling the issues of security.

The Mechanisms of Launching the Political Process

- The main problem is the issue of responsibility of the Tskhinvali separatist leadership. If they are going to be the equal partners, they have to cut short their capricious policy and responsibly represent the part of population that is supporting them.

- International community cannot be a hostage of the Tskhinvali separatist leaders. They have to understand that they must talk to and accept as partners all forces that constitute actual social factors. This first of all concerns Sanakoev and the support he has among the residents of the region.

- Kokoity and his group from time to time proclaim the boycott of the State Minister for Reintegration, say that they don’t like the statements by the Russian ambassador, OSCE, or European Commission. This has to stop if they want to participate in serious negotiations.

- Russia’s position is decisive in this issue, as Russia has 100% influence over separatist regime and Kokoity’s behaviour.

- The 2+2+2 format proposal is adequate to the existing reality would give new impulse to the process of peaceful settlement.

- The grouping in this format will be following: Russia and Georgia, Sanakoev administration and Tskhinvali separatist administration, OSCE and European Commission. Such composition would fully consider existing realities and make it possible follow the process of political settlement.

- This initiative must be followed by balanced and responsible reaction. We hope that our Western friends will support the launch of this process.