REGULATIONS of the Grand-Iury Court

For supplementing and changing the Articles of the Regulations of the Court to decide the following:

1. The Grand Jury shall be selected from the following persons of both sexes:

a) those who are citizens (national) of the Republic of Georgia;

b) those that speak Georgian and can read and write any other language;

c) those that attained the age of 25;

d) those that lived not less than a year in that Gubernia or city where the Grand Jury shall be elected.

3. The general and regular lists shall be developed for the election of the Grand Jury.

13. Every year in the regular list shall be included:

a) 1200 persons for Tbilisi and its region;

b) 1000 persons for Kutaisi and its region;

c) 800 persons for Sukhumi and its region.

17 January 1919

Comrade of the Chairman of the National Council E. Takaishvili

Chairman of the Government of the Republic N. Zhordania

(Newspaper Sakartvelos Respublika, N 19, 25 January 1919; Central State Historical Archive of Georgia, f. 1938, desc. 1, file 307, p. 6, 7)