LAW on declaring the former lots, state owned and other lands as private property

1. The lots, which weren’t approved to the former temporarily responsible peasants and the state “poselians” /settlers/ under the law of 20 December 1912 but were used by them through the “Authorized Certificate” – shall be declared as their private property.

2.  Within the norms provided for by Article 2 of the law of 7 March 1918 of the Trans-Caucasus Seim, to declare as a private property the following lands:

a) the state lands of those peasants, or villages, or associations that are under their ownership for generations;

b)  former state lands that are under their ownership through the treasury right;

c) the lands of former peasants of the Ossetian part of Gori District highlanders that are under their ownership through so called “Vorontsov’s Right”;

d) the lands owned by former peasants of Akhaltsikhe and other places possessed by them under so called “Tappskiy Right”;

e) the lands of former Sukhumi Okrug peasants given them under the rules of 8 November 1870;

f) the lands owned by persons of Sukhumi Okrug given them for permanent usage under law of 1 May 1900.

The friend of the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Ekvtime Takaishvili

Chairman of the Government N. Zhordania

28 January 1919

(Central State Historical Archive of Georgia, f. 1836, desc. 1, file 402, p. 24)