Sukhumi, to the People’s Council of Abkhazia

On 21 March of 1919 the Constituent Assmebly of the Republic of Georgia heard with a great pleasure the ACT on the Autonomy of Abkhazia adopted by the  People’s Council of  Abkhazia on 20 March 1919.

From now the firm foundation is being laid to the free existence of the Abkhaz nations in Georgia.  From now we can state that the democracy of Georgia fulfilled the task that even many great powers failed to achieve.

Historical and inherent unity of two fraternal nations has been restored that poses a treat to the enemies of democracy and makes happy our friends.

The Constituent Assembly of Georgia will be striving for final victory of the democracy and continue working until the free existence of the nations is established within the boundaries of the republic.  Purposeful and regular work, the Abkhaz democracy stands ready to participate – is the guarantor to the success.  To this end, and especially against the background of a grave historical moment, the Constituent Assembly of Georgia will take a good care of Abkhaz nations considering their needs and deeds as their own ones.

Comrade of the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of Georgia A. Lomtatidze

Senior secretary: K. Japaridze

(Central State Historical Archive of Georgia, f. 1833, desc. 1, file 52, p. 7, 8)