The Interim Regulations on Agrarian Reforms and the state-land management in Abkhazia.

From now and on, until elaboration of the Constitution of Abkhazia, the following Regulations will be in force for the agrarian reforms:

The Commissariat of Abkhazia shall be authorized to carry out the agrarian reforms and manage the valuable lands in Abkhazia through its Department of Agriculture.

The Head of Agrarian Department and other officials, as well as the managers of the valuable lands shall be appointed by the Commissariat of Abkhazia upon the consent of the Ministry of Agriculture.

1. The Agricultural Department shall submit the reports to the Commissariat of Abkhazia and the monthly reports - to the Ministry of Agriculture.

2. For implementation of agrarian reforms, the target group shall be set up at the Department of Agriculture.

3. The state valued lands shall be received through the speedy procedures by three-member special commission set up by the Department of Agriculture.

Note: for receiving the state lands the sub-commission shall be set up in the same composition.

6. For management of the state valuable lands the Commissariat of Abkhazia shall elaborate the expenditures and economic plans, which shall be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture.

7. The tax rate from the revenues obtained from the valuable lands shall be determined upon common ground together with other lands without pre-determination of the Commissariatís share.

8. Agrarian-economic school will be open in one of the state valuable land aimed at raising the agrarian experience among the population.

9. The Department of Agriculture shall carry out the general supervision over the officials working at the experimental horticultural station and local forest department; the information about their activity shall be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture.

10. The Commissariat of Abkhazia shall submit to theAbkhaz Peopleís Council and the Ministry of Agriculture the relevant draft-laws and proposals on the unforeseen issues raised in the course of agrarian reform for further submission to the Government and the Constituent Assembly.

20 December 1919

(Central State Historical Archive of Georgia, f.1861, desc. 1, file 200, p. 1)