REGULATIONS on the elections of the  People’s Council of Abkhazia

II. General Provisions

1. The members of the People’s Council shall be elected; totally 40 people…

2. The right to vote shall be given to the residents of Abkhazia who attained the age of 20 before drafting the electoral lists and lived in Abkhazia before 19 July1914 irrespective of sex, national or religious affiliation.

Note: person can be elected as a member of the  People’s Council of Abkhazia except of those specified for in Article 2; a person, who has lived in Abkhazia even after 19 July of 1914 also can be elected if he/she meets the other requirements specified for in Article 2 and also the citizens of Georgia living outside of Abkhazia”.

II. The electoral lists

The elections shall be universal, equal, direct through the secret ballot suffrage based on the principle of the proportional representation.

III. Electoral Commissions

11. The elections shall be carried out by the Central, City, Precinct and Village electoral commissions.

12.  The Central Electoral Commission shall be set up by the Government of the Republic of Georgia.

VII. Securing the free and fair elections.

96.  The public elections in Sukhumi District also shall be held on the basis of this Regulation.

27 December 1918

The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia N. Chkheidze

The Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Georgia N. Zhordania

(Jemal Gamakharia, Badri Gogia, Abkhazia – Historical Region of Georgia. Tbilisi, 1997, p. 426-427/in Russian; Newspaper “Sakartvelos Respublika”, N 9, 14 January 1919)