Chuburkhindji, 20 July 2002

The meeting of the Working Group 2 of the Coordinating Council of the Georgian and Abkhaz Sides was held in Chuburkhindji on 20 July 2002 under the aucpices of the UN and chaired by the representative of the UNHCR Ms. K. Bertrant, with participation of the deputy to the Special Envoy of the UN Ms. R. Otunbaeva, representatives of the UNOMIG, PKF of the CIS and the Coordinating Office of the UN on Humanitarian Issues.

The Georgian side was represented by delegation led by Mr. M. Kakabadze

The Abkhaz side was represented by delegation led by Mr. S. Shamba

The following items was included in the Agenda:

1. Realization of recommendations of the Joint Mission on assessment of the situation in Gali District (November, 2000), namely the security issues.

The report by the Commander of Gali Sector of the UNOMIG the colonel Hagman and Commander of the North Operating Group of the CIS PKF the colonel Matsko.

2.  Implementation of the project of the UNHCR on rehabilitation of schools.

Report  by the representative of the UNJCR Ms. K. Bertrant.

3.  Registration issues.

4.  Miscellaneous.

When opening the meeting, the representative of the UNHCR Ms. K. Bertrant expressed her satisfaction with regard of resumption of the work of Working Group 2 that was so important for peace process.  She positively assessed this initiative and expressed her hope to the constructive dialogue within the mandate of this group aimed at resolving the problems.  The representatives of both sides made the statements.  The following representatives took part in the discussion: representatives of the sides, the Deputy to the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General Ms. R. Otunbaeva, representatives of the CIS PKF  and military observers of the UNOMIG.


1.  Expressing the understanding and decisiveness to establish the relevant security conditions in Gali District, noting that the security conditions have been improved in Gali over recent times, the participants if the Working Group 2 reached the agreement that the further gradual realization of the stability in the district and improvement of the work of law-enforcement agencies, constitute the priority task of current days.

The sides decided to ask the UNOMIG for immediate invitation of international experts to assess the situation in the security sphere and elaborate the recommendations for its improvement.

For further intensification of works on learning the problems of returned populations, the sides decided to include in the delegations of Georgia and Abkhazia at the Quadripartite Meeting one member from each, or entrust the acting members with the relevant task.

The sides reaffirm their intention towards the peaceful ways of  regulating the disputable issues and condemn the acts aimed at solving them by forcible means.

2.  The sides received the information of the UNHCR on implementation of the project of school rehabilitation.

3.  The Sides agreed to start discussing the issue of registration after the work of international group of experts has been completed.

4.  The Sides decides to hold the meetings of the Working Group 2 on the regular basis.

For the Georgian Side M. Kakabadze (Signed)

For the Abkhaz Side S. Shamba (Signed)

For the UNHCR K. Bertrant (Signed)

(Archive of the Staff of the State Minister of Georgia for Conflict Resolution Issues/in Russian)