State programme on development of the Abkhaz Language

I. Constitutional status of the Abkhaz Language

1.  To secure the overall development and functioning of the Abkhaz language as a state language in all spheres of state, economic and public life, in organizations, agencies and institutions of the autonomous republic.

3. To establishment the necessary conditions for representatives of all nationalities residing in the Abkhaz Autonomous Republic for learning the Abkhaz language.

5. To set up a Commission attached to the Supreme Council of the Abkhaz ASSR aimed at exercising control on the functioning of the Abkhaz language as a state language.

6. To establishment the Standing Commission of the Council of Ministers of the Abkhaz ASSR responsible for the realization of the state programme, for development of the Abkhaz language and exercising control on functioning and development of the Abkhaz literary language.

II. Scientific study of the Abkhaz language


14. Origination and publishing of guidebooks for the Abkhaz office-language.


III.  Teaching of the Abkhaz language

7. Editing and publishing the language textbooks for the primary schools.

15. Establishment of necessary conditions in non-Abkhaz schools of the autonomous republic for those willing to learn Abkhaz language.

18. Editing and publishing of the curriculum and textbooks on history and geography of Abkhazia and compulsory teaching of these subjects.

25. Elaboration of proposals for reorganization of Abkhaz division of the scientific-research pedagogical union subordinated to the Ministry of the Public Education of the Georgian SSR into the independent scientific-research Institute of Pedagogical Sciences subordinated to the Ministry of the Public Education of the Abkhaz ASSR.

37. Arrangement of two-year Abkhaz language training courses at the Abkhaz State University.

IV. Radio and TV broadcasting. Press

2. Increase of TV and radio channel capacities in Abkhazia in order to provide the broadcasting across the whole territory of Abkhazia.


VI.  International service and service sphere

1. Firm observance of issuing three-language letterheads, labels, banners, directories, and price tags.

2. Publishing in Abkhaz language the invitation and congratulation post-cards, posters, slogans, advertising boards and memorable booklets.

3. Exercising the control on labeling all products produced in the Abkhaz ASSR.

4. Securing the functioning of the Abkhaz language in the service and information sphere (including air-fleet, railway, motorway and maritime transport).

10 October 1989

(Newspaper “Sovetskaia Abkhazia”, # 202, 20 October 1989)