State programme for development of the Ossetian language

I. Constitutional status of the Ossetian language

1. In the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast state languages are Ossetian, Georgian and Russian, as the language for international relations.  To activate the functioning of the Ossetian language within the Party, Soviet, administrative, scientific, educational and economic organizations, enterprises and institutions of the Oblast.

2. To set up standing committee on the Ossetian Language attached to the Oblispolcom…

3. To assist in arrangement of the education in native language for the Ossetian population residing outside of the Oblast.  Where such practice is not possible, the teaching of Ossetian language and literature shall be considered as a separate school-subject.  In order to implement the aforementioned measures, the staff of experts on the Ossetian language and literature shall be considered at the divisions of the public education of concerned districts and cities of the Georgian SSR.

6. To set up committees on consultations and exercising the control on the functioning of the state programme for the development of the Ossetian language attached to the city and district Ispolcoms of the Councils of People’s Deputies.

III. Teaching of the Ossetian language to the Ossetian children at pre-school establishments.

1. To shift the educational process at pre-school establishments in Ossetian language for the children of Ossetian nationality.

7. To conduct step-by-step transition of teaching in Ossetian language at primary schools of cities and districts for the children of Ossetian nationality.To hold the public referendum on this issue.

10. To introduce the optional teaching of Ossetian language at Georgian schools and Georgian language at Ossetian schools from the fifth grade.

11. To introduce the teaching of the Ossetian language at all faculties of the pedagogical Institute of the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast (PISO), high schools and vocational establishments of the Oblast.

12. To introduce the entrants’ interview in Ossetian language at the Pedagogical Institute of the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast for all Ossetian-speaking entrants.

13. To consider the certain preferential terms for the entrants the PISO, residing in the villages outside of the Oblast.

18. To negotiate the issue with the leadership of the North Ossetian Autonomous Republic on reservation at the high schools of the autonomous Republic the certain number of seats for the Ossetian entrants from the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast and from other regions of the Georgian SSR too.

IV. Radio and television.

1. To control the process of preparation and organization of broadcasting in the South Ossetia.

a) To speed up the process of construction of the TV center in the Oblast;


3. To raise the issue before the Committee on Radio and TV Broadcast of the Georgian SSR on the following:

a) increase of time of broadcasting in the Ossetian language in the Oblast;


4. To find the technical capacity to receive the radio and TV transmission from the South Ossetian autonomous Republic


4 September 1989

(Newspaper “Sovetskaia Ossetia”, # 170, 5 September 1989)