APPEAL of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia to Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union, Mr. Boris Yeltsin, President of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the State Council of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Supreme Council of the Russian SFSR

We would like to draw your attention to the destructive and often violent attacks that have become more frequent lately. The attacks undermine the ongoing social and political processes in Georgia. They aim to prevent the recognition of Georgia’s independence and encroach on its territorial integrity.

We imply the intensified activities of separatist and extremist forces on the territory of the former Autonomous Region of South Ossetia, and namely, the oppression of peaceful Georgian population by armed bands with the connivance or even open support and direct participation of the troops of the Soviet Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Not long ago, the self-proclaimed Executive Committee of the so-called South Ossetia addressed the Supreme Council of the Soviet Socialist Republic of North Ossetia with a request to incorporate South Ossetia and North Ossetia into the RSFSR as one republic – a proposal that lacks any historical, constitutional or legal ground.

We hope that you will adequately assess this absurd but far-reaching proposal in order to prevent further encroachments on the territorial integrity of and interference into the domestic affairs of the sovereign Republic of Georgia.

What is even more outrageous is that the demarches of the separatist forces entail terror and violence against the Georgian population of the region perpetrated by Ossetian extremists and the forces of the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Four military helicopters carrying missiles intruded into the Akhalgori district on September 10. They were flying from Akhalgori to the village of Lagvisi and back for several hours.

At 10 pm on October 7, two armored personnel carriers belonging to the Ministry of Interior Affairs and carrying armed people in masks assaulted the village of Tamarasheni and wounded two local residents.

On October 8 night, two armored personnel carriers of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, ambushed near Ergneti, bulleted a passing car carrying four local residents, three of whom were wounded, including one badly.

On October 10, at about 12 hours in the noon, Ossetian extremists opened fire at the residents of the villages of Kaleti and Atotsi in Kareli district (former Kornisi district). Nine armored personnel carriers and one helicopter participated in the attack which lasted until 8 pm and resulted in five wounded civilians who were hospitalized.

Not long ago, armed bandits killed four Georgian herdsmen and stole their cattle. Ossetian bandits brutally beat and took hostage nine drivers carrying building materials to the earthquake-affected population. The incident occurred in Tskhinvali in the presence of Interior Ministry personnel.

The other day, armed bandits killed a woman in the village of Ergneti. A 70-year-old person was brutally tortured and killed in the village of Sveri. Two Georgians were killed and four were wounded in the village of Artsevi on October 4. About 10 people were killed in the region during the last two weeks.

It is particularly outrageous that the Interior Ministry personnel, whose duty is to protect lives, law and order, participate in the armed attacks on the Georgian population.

 It is also alarming that the abovementioned armored personnel carriers moved from the so-called state of emergency area in Tskhinvali and advanced 4-km deep into the Gori district.

The activities of the Soviet press contribute to escalation of tension in the region. For example, newspaper “Izvestia” published on October 5 information that the issue of unification of “South” and “North” Ossetias would be discussed at the next session of the Supreme Council of the Soviet Socialist Republic of “North Ossetia”. This fact can be regarded as another manifestation of the aggressive attitude of our neighbor state.

No comments, as they say.

All this allows us to regard the mentioned actions as gross violation of sovereignty of the Republic of Georgia and, in a way, an open military aggression against the republic, which is absolutely unacceptable and inadmissible.

 The Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia strongly protests against the encroachments and hopes that you will adequately assess the present situation and take appropriate measures - first of all pull out the forces of the Ministry Interior of Interior Affairs, which stay in Georgia illegally, terrorize and oppress local civilian population.

The Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia

Tbilisi, 11 October, 1991

(Bulletins of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia,  1991, # 10, pp. 65-67)