LAW on Military Obligation and Recruitment to the Military Forces

Article 1.  The military obligation is universal and personal for every citizen of the Republic.

Note: this Article doesn’t apply to Muslims and Dukhobors.

Article 2.  Every citizen of the Republic, but the exceptions specified for in the law, from the age of 20 to 45 shall discharge the military obligation.

Individuals, which are the subject to discharge the military obligation but do not fit to combatant service, shall be called-up to the Army at the positions relevant to their physical condition or profession.

Note: the Government may apply this Article to Dukhobors.


29 July 1919

The Senior Comrade of the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly Al. Lomtatidze

Deputy Chairman of the Government of Georgia Evg. Gegechkori

(Central State Historical Archive of Georgia, f. 1833, desc. 1, file 49, p. 28)