DECREE on the introduction of the Civil Justice Code of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Georgia issued by the Central Executive Committee of the Georgian SSR

(Adopted at the Second Session of the Executive Committee of the Georgian SSR of the Second Convocation on 28 February 1924)

1.  The Civil Justice Code shall be introduced from 1 May of 1924 in the whole of ter­ri­tory of the Georgian SSR, Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Autonomous Oblast of South Ossetia and the Union Soviet Socialist Republic of Abkhazia.  The Central Executive Committees of the mentioned Republics and Oblast shall have the right to submit for approval to the pre­sidium of the Central Executive Committee the changes and amendment to the Civil Justice Co­de that are necessary for adapting this Code with the local environment of relevant republic of ob­last.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Georgian SSR – M. Tskhakaia

Public Commissar of Justice of Georgian SSR – I. Vardzieli

Secretary of the Executive Committee – P. Sabashvili

11 April 1924

(Messenger of the Executive Committee and the Council of Public Commissars of the All- Georgian SSR, N 4, 1924, p. 95-96)