DECREE ISSUED BY THE PRESDIENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA on Nation wide National and Civil Disobedience

Over the recent period the peoples included within the Empire have intensified protesting and political-striking movement aimed at abolishment of the Central authority and establishment of the sovereign states.

Taking into account the existing difficult situation in Samachablo (former South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast-edit.), the political organizations of the Round Table organized strike of the transport means and organizations of the Union subordination in a response to the imperialist policy of the so called Centre.

Bearing in mind that these protesting actions have the only goal: the restoration of comprehensive and real independence of Georgia, to set Georgia free of subordination and dictate from the imperialistic structures, and that action represents immediate continuation of the process of nation-wide national and civil disobedience, I decree:

1. The ministries, agencies and administrative bodies shall provide maximum possible assistance to the nation-wide national and civil disobedience organized by the political organizations of the Round Table.

2. To set up consultative and coordinatingn councils composed of high rank official, who alongside the strike committee shall attach systematic character to the disobedience movement and see to it that economic interests of the Republic are not compromised.

3. To set up joint Media Council, which, together with the Press-center of the Supreme Council and the press-service of the president will secure dissemination of true and reliable information and its broadcast to the foreign countries.


President of the Republic of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia

15 April 1991

(Bulletin of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia, # 4, 1991, p.16)