Being at the edge of collapse the Soviet Empire tries to retain the power through seeding the rivalry among the nations under slavery of Empire.  It is especially troublesome in the Caucasus, where the people of different origins and religious have lived throughout the centuries, the people who have very close spiritual and traditional ties.

As known, the Empire always used ethnic conflicts against freedom-loving people of the Caucasus.  It also found the ground among the traitors of their own nations.  These instruments have been used to create hotbeds.  These instruments are used today:  bloodshed is evident here or there, genocide of aboriginal nations is being prepared at some places.

The Empire, through media means, tries to convince the world that “the wild and man-eater tribes” of the Caucasus will annihilate each other without involvement of Russia.

The Kremlin has already found Georgia and the Autonomous Republic of Chechnya-Ingushetia as the next chains of the ethnic confrontation.  The following facts make evident the aforementioned deliberation:

1.  The huge number of troops of the Ministry of Interior of the USSR has been deployed on the territory of former so called “South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast”, which is historical part of Shida Kartli and was created as a result of 1921 annexation of Georgia by Soviet Russia.  The said troops, together with local pro-communist extremists raid on the Georgian population, killing and arresting them.  They use automatic guns, missiles, mines and shells against Georgian.  The arrested Georgians have no access to the lawyer.  The committee of “National Salvation”, created by the Soviet troops, arbitrarily appoints the “prosecutors” and other officials.  Gross violations of human rights become evident; 10 Georgian villages are within the heavy blockade of the Soviet troops.  There is a lack of food and medicines; the people are starving.  There is an endless flow of Georgian and Ossetian refugees, exceeding 30 thousand in number.  The central media of the USSR just hide the real situation.  They serve like a shield for illegal acts of troops and extremists.  The center is aimed at expelling Georgian population from the region and joining this territory to the North Ossetia.

2.  Over the recent two years the Soviet media means have spread the information about Russophobe mood among Chechens and the Ingush, thus encouraging Russian chauvinism.

For this purpose the rumors have been spread on preparing the attacks to the Russian population by Vaynakhs (Chechens and the Ingush).

3.  Before “ethnic conflict”, just likewise it happened in Georgia, namely in Shida Kartli (former South Ossetian oblast) the center bred the confrontation between Vainakhs and the neighboring nations:

a) Even the central media may not conceal that the military formations of Cossacks have been established in the Caucasus, under the pretext of cultural development.  And they are equipped with armament.

b) The large bloody conflict between the Ingush and Ossetian people is being prepared on the historical territory of Vainakhs, 46% of which today is included within the North Ossetian Autonomous Republic (there is an attempt to create the similar conflict at the Chechen and Dagestan border).  The Center is encouraging the armament of the obedient and corrupted Ossetian extremists, trying to exercise exemplary punishment of “disobedient” Vainakhs.  The Center also is posing every possible bar to prevent the return of Chechens and the Ingush unlawfully deported in 1944.  Such approach makes deeper the confrontation between Vainakhs and Ossetians.  Under the pretext of settlement of the alleged “ethno-conflict” the Kremlin deploys a great number of Soviet soldiers and internal troops on the Vainakh land in order to introduce Presidential governance and kill the proud spirit of Vainakhs, as well as their aspiration to the independence.  By the way, these people have twice experienced the pain of losing the homeland.  Seams the Empire in the condition of agony wants to repeat the bloody terror and genocide third time.  The initial clashes between the Ingush and Ossetians have already happened, resulted in casualties and many of wounded.  The Soviet troops still support Ossetian extremists there.

The special session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia discussed the issue on extraordinary situation in Shida Kartli and Chechnya-Ingushetia.  It makes an appeal to the UNO, the World Nations and the Parliaments and asks to condemn the evil intents, to support the freedom loving people of Georgia, the proud Chechens and the Ingush, in order to prevent from the horrible tragedy planned by Kremlin.

I hope to your support and facilitation.  Therefore, I ask you to send to Georgia and to the North Caucasus the Human Rights experts, who will learn the facts of gross violation of the rights of Georgian, Chechens, the Ingush and others and elaborate the preventive measures.


The Supreme council of the Republic of Georgia.

The President of the Republic of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia

Tbilisi, 27 April 1991

(Newspaper “Abkhazetis Khma”/Voice of Abkhazia/, # 79, 4 May 1991)