PEACE INITIATIVE of the President of Georgia

March 28, 2008

Georgia primary goal is a negotiated settlement of the conflict in Abkhazia, Georgia. In this spirit, the President of Georgia came out with the number of initiatives aimed at the acceleration of the process of peaceful, political resolution of the conflict in Abkhazia, Georgia. President’s Peace Initiative defines main policy priorities and key initiatives, as distingushed:

1. In line with the offer of the President of Georgia to start talks on “broad autonomy”, guaranteeing fullscale self governance of Abkhazia;

2. Specifically to start talks on the following proposals of the President of Georgia:

a. Introduction of the new constitutional post of the Vice-President of Georgia, to be offered to Abkhazia;

b. Guaranteed representation of Abkhazia in all governmental ministries and state agencies of Georgia;

c. Granting Abkhazia the right to veto all decisions related to:

- The constitutional status of Abkhazia; and

- Preservation and further development of Abkhaz culture, language and ethnic identity;

d. Establishment and joint management of a free economic zone covering Gali and Ochamchire regions:

e. Provision of security guarantees;

f. Gradual merger of law enforcement agencies and customs services;

g. Engagement of the international community to provide guarantees of peaceful political settlement in Abkhazia, Georgia;

3. to start talks on the following complementary proposals of the President of Georgia:

a. Following working groups on Abkhazia in the relevant ministries of Georgia are established:

- Legal Group - for the preparation of constitutional and legislative changes, inter alia establishment of the post of the Vice-President, the right of veto, the guaranteed representation in the ministries, guaranteed representation in the Parliament;

- Economic Group - for the elaboration and design of free economic zone project in Gali and Ochamchire regions;

- Political Group - for the conduct of negotiations on the provision of international guarantees for the autonomy in Abkhazia;

b. Revitalization of a direct political dialogue and contacts with the Abkhaz side, involvement of aforesaid representatives of international community and international organizations in the working groups.

4. All aforesaid combines a set of principles, establishing the framework for the conduct of direct negotiations. Further moderation of the general principles and mechanisms of implementation may occur throughout the process of Georgian – Abkhaz negotiations, ultimately aimed at peaceful and comprehensive resolution of the conflict.

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