RESOLUTION on Inter-relation of the state agencies adopted by the Revolutionary Committee of the Georgian SSR

Temporarily, before convocation of the Soviet Congress that shall elect the executive committees instead of the Revolutionary Committees, the state agencies in the Center, as well as at the local levels shall pursue the following guidelines:

1. The Legal Acts of common-state importance shall be issued only by the Revolutionary Committee of Georgia

2. The decrees, resolutions, orders or decisions issued by the Revolutionary Committee of Georgia shall be binding to the public commissars, as well as to the local government agencies.

9. Internal agencies and the public utility departments of the districts, cities, Batumi region and South-Ossetian  Revcoms shall be subordinate to the Public Commissariat of the Internal Affairs; in addition, the aforementioned Commissariat shall carry out the control on the personnel of the local Revcoms and on the Revocm’s activity in a whole.

10. The Public commissar of the Internal Affairs shall submit to the Revcom of the Georgian SSR the reports on the issues raised by the local agencies, as well as the report on the activity of the mentioned organs.

20. This Resolution shall come into force from the day it’s published.

Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of the Georgian SSR Kavtaradze

Public Commissar of the Internal Affairs B. Kvirkvelia

Secretary of the Revolutionary Committee Al. Salaridze

10 January 1922

(Newspaper «Komunisti», N 15, 19 January, 1922)