I share your concern regarding the situation established in Tskhinvali and in surrounding district.  Let me inform you that we have made steps to stop the bloodshed and put an end to the extremists’ actions aimed at devastating the human settlements.  The considerable part of extremists has been disarmed through the decisive measures taken by the Militia of the Republic.  They are expelled from their positions and one-week peace has been established in the said region.  Let me assure you that we have one and the same attitude towards extremists, irrespective of their national belonging.  Even earlier we have disarmed Georgian extremists in entire country. 

The biased coverage of the developments in Georgia by the central media means and Central TV is another threat, under which the Soviet society may become the victim of such propaganda.  With respect of Your proposal regarding launching the negotiations, I have the honor to inform You that due to the comprehensiveness of the issues we have started the talks with the leaders of the RSFSR and of the North Ossetia, but the Republic of Georgia in no circumstances may have the negotiations with extremists and terrorists.  

There are no shootings at all in Tskhinvali and the situation is relatively stable in the region.  With regard of arsons I would say that many Georgian schools, the most of Georgians’ houses are burnt down, however You make no mentioning of them.

We believe that the leadership of the USSR will refrain from further destabilizing the situation in the said region, as the situation after receiving your telegram has worsened again.

Z. Gamsakhurdia

Tbilisi, 1 April 1991

(Newspaper “Abkhazetis Khma” /Voice of Abkhazia/, # 58, 3 April 1991)