For the purposes of stabilizing the public-political situation, decentralizing the governance and restoring the democratic forms of governance, on the basis of proposals submitted by the Prime Minister T. Sigua, the Military Council of the Republic of Georgia decrees:

1. To restore the operation of all level Sakrebulos on the whole territory of the Republic of Georgia.

2. The Sakrebulos of districts, cities of the republican subordination, and of city districts shall conduct the secret ballot voting of the relevant executive authorities of Gamgeoba (Chairperson, deputy chair and 3-5 members, as a rule) within ten days after promulgation of the present Decree.

3. In the cities of republican subordination having no district division and the regions with the same name (Gori, Zugdidi) one common Gamgeoba and one chairperson shall be elected at the joint session of the region and city Sakrebulos.

4. The new composition of Gamgeoba shall be submitted to the interim Government of the Republic for approval.  The staff of the Prefectures shall be subordinated to the newly elected Gamgeoba.

5. The position of a Special Interim Envoy of the Military Council of the Republic of Georgia shall be abolished at the local levels upon approval of Gamgeoba.

6. The acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Georgia Mr T. Sigua shall be entitled to appoint the Mayor of Tbilisi.

7.  The issues of local government in the Autonomous Republics shall be decided by the Councils of Ministers of the autonomous republics.

8. To assume possible for the interim Government of the Republic of Georgia, in the case of  destabilization of public-political situation or in other urgent cases, to introduce the republican governance and establish the interim local authorities with the relevant competences in the certain administrative-territorial entities

9. The local organizations of the political organizations having no representatives in Sakrebulo shall have the right to send one representative to Sakrebulo equipped with deliberative vote, on the basis of written consent of the central body of the organization.

On behalf of the Military Council of the Republic of Georgia

Tengiz Kitovani

Jaba Ioseliani

Tbilisi, 19 January 1992

(Newspaper “Sakartvelos Respublika” /Republic of Georgia/, # 54, 11 January 1991)